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Kaffe Fassett brings color to socks!

Master designer Kaffe Fassett brings his amazing color sense to our feet this season with his new sock yarns, Mirage Color and Landscape Color!

Kaffe Fassett’s Regia sock yarn

Fassett’s eye for color and sock yarn are a natural partnership. Knitted gift recipients are more likely to wear colorful knitted socks than say hats or sweaters. And sock yarn dyeing technology allows for amazing results without constantly changing colors. Take look at the beautiful colors!

Kaffe Fassett’s Regia sock yarn colors

Mirage and Landscape yarns are $8 a ball; you’ll need 2 balls for a pair of socks. Get a free sock pattern from Regia when you purchase 2 balls of either yarn (while supplies last)!

3 thoughts on “Kaffe Fassett brings color to socks!

  1. I only bought one ball of yarn from my yarn store in sonora, ca and now i need another ball to finish my pair… I’m hooked and loving it!!

  2. Hi. I have some of the Regia Exotic Color yarn, and just need clarification where the pattern book says: “Always take the yarn from the outside of the ball….”. It matters, because the pattern has a right-side up and an up-side down. So are the talking about the skein as it arrives, or after you make it into a ball?

  3. I would assume they mean as it arrives, since it’s already in a ball.

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