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Jana’s Baby Surprise Jacket

For her Baby Surprise Jacket, Jana used 2 colors of Koigu’s KPPPM yarn, one solid and one multi. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s classic design is knit flat, so just changing colors like you always would yields this cool effect.

Baby Surprise Jacket with hat and booties

With the leftover yarn, Jana also knit a matching hat and booties. Just adorable!

As an added bonus for those of you who have yet to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket, Jana sent us a picture of her jacket when the knitting was completed and the seams hadn’t yet been sewn. Because of the increases and decreases you make, your otherwise flat piece of knitting looks nothing like a jacket.

Baby Surprise Jacket unseamed

A few folds and 2 seams later, you have something wearable. And that’s the surprise!

Thanks for sharing your project with us, Jana!

3 thoughts on “Jana’s Baby Surprise Jacket

  1. Just beautiful and the stripes look great. Hat and booties are A+. Congratulations on such a great job!

  2. What size needles did you use with the Koigu KPPPM yarn? It’s truly beautiful – I’m inspired to make it my first sweater project!

  3. I don’t know what Jana used, but I used a size 4 the last time I knit one. It’s a great first sweater project!

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