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Kersti’s Scarves

Artistic talent – or any talent, for that matter – doesn’t necessarily pass down from one generation to the next. But in the Landra family, it certainly has.

Kersti Scarves

Young Kersti, for whom our favorite merino crepe yarn is named, is now dyeing silk scarves. Her grandmother, Maie Landra, is the founder of Koigu Wool Designs and her mother Taiu not only dyes yarn, she runs the family business. Kersti has an intuitive eye for color. Her palette ranges from bright, hot reds and pinks to deep, moody greens and blues. Her scarves are a new and different way to enjoy color!

And, lest you worry that Kersti does not receive the fruits of her labor, she hand wrote the invoice herself, requesting checks be made payable to “Kersti Landra”!

4 thoughts on “Kersti’s Scarves

  1. They look beautiful- how much are they?

  2. They are $36 each. I think many of my friends and family are going to get one for birthdays and holidays!

  3. Who would I contact to purchase a scarf?

  4. Just give us a call at 215-893-9939 and we can help you purchase a scarf!

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