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Start Knitting Socks

With Cookie A’s visit quickly approaching, we’ve got socks on the brain. Lace socks! Cabled socks! Knee socks! Cookie’s sock patterns are geared toward the experienced, or adventurous, sock knitter, but what if you have yet to turn a heel?

We have plenty of support for the new, and soon-to-be sock knitters out there. Our First Socks and Toe Up Socks classes walk you through every step of sock knitting. Your first sock is made with worsted weight yarn so you can see your stitches more easily. You’ll learn everything you need to know to knit socks with fingering or sock weight yarn.

Simple Kureyon Sock

If you’re ready to try a sock on your own, this Knitting Pure & Simple pattern is a great place to start. We love it in Noro’s Kureyon Sock yarn.

Craig's Silk Garden Sock

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, the Silk Garden Sock yarn is perfect–just as enticing as the Kureyon Sock, but with the added softness of silk and mohair. Craig just started knitting a sock with this yarn and he loves it! If socks aren’t your thing, Silk Garden Sock yarn is great for mittens, scarves, even kid’s clothes!

3 thoughts on “Start Knitting Socks

  1. I learned how to make socks from one of your classes; I just got nostalgic thinking about it. I’m a sock-making fool, due in large part to Loop! 🙂

  2. I am loving your sock. Great color choice. I can’t wait to pick up a skein and get started.

  3. Hey Amy, I’m glad we had a hand in your catching the sock-making bug! After the first one, it’s a slippery slope.

    I love the color I chose, too, Veronica, but it wasn’t an easy decision. There are plenty of good colors. I had to rip the sock out and start over – I didn’t like the fit – but I’m still loving the yarn.

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