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Melody Superwash and the Swirl Shawl

JoJoLand’s Melody Superwash yarn is a runaway hit this fall. This beautiful fingering weight superwash wool yarn has slow, subtle color transitions that are similar to Noro yarns, but the colors are much more muted. Dusty pinks, deep blues, and shy violets mingle together in quiet harmony.

Melody Superwash yarn, color 28
Melody Superwash yarn, color 28

Each ball has 220 yards and costs $6. It’s ideal for socks and a pair will cost $12.

The Swirl Shawl
The Swirl Shawl

If you’re looking for a little challenge, you could also cast on for a Swirl Shawl. The Swirl Shawl was designed with Melody’s slow color changes in mind. The pattern is made of hexagons that decrease into their centers. Each hexagon is different from the one before it, creating a subtle patchwork look.

We’re offering a second session of the Swirl Shawl class, if you missed the first one. The class begins Monday, October 13.

We’re just beginning to experiment with Melody’s subtle colorations. Let us know what you discover!

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