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Knit One, Save One

Knit One, Save One is a program developed by the international organization Save the Children that collects knit and crochet hats for prematurely born babies in poor countries. According to their research, “Four million newborns die each year within the first month of life – half within the first 24 hours after being born.” By providing antibiotics, immunizations, training for birth attendants and education about infant care – and hats to keep premature babies warm – Save the Children can save lives.

Loop friend and customer Yvette Jiggetts has organized a gathering this weekend to make hats for Knit One, Save One. All crocheters and knitters are welcome. Bring your machine washable yarn, hook, and needles and join the effort to make 100 preemie caps.

WHEN: 11:30 am to 1 pm, Saturday, December 13
WHERE: The University City Arts League, 4226 Spruce Street

If you are unable to attend, you can still participate by making a hat and bringing it to Loop by December 30. We’ll give the hats we collect to Yvette to send in. To get you started, you can find patterns for preemie hats at Knitting Pattern Central and a few more at the Knit One, Save One site.

Preemie hats are so small they would fit a grapefruit. So take a few minutes, some leftover yarn and give one more gift this holiday season!

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