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Rustic Silk Mitts

Update: We no longer carry Hand Jive Rustic Silk yarn at Loop. It’s a unique and beautiful yarn that I encourage you to try if you find it. The mitts can be made with any chunky yarn that yields 3 stitches per inch in stockinette.

Laura and I stopped in our tracks when we saw Rustic Silk yarn hanging in Hand Jive Knits’ booth at the summer yarn market. The combination of the organic texture of the tussah silk and the natural dye colors is spectacular. I think we ordered it before we knew anything about it!

Rustic Silk Mitt

I fell in love again when the yarn arrived in the shop and wanted to knit with it right away. I wound a hank of the amethyst and began swatching. Later that night, I bound off the first Rustic Silk Mitt.

Rustic Silk Mitt

Silk is surprisingly warm, so the mitts are as practical as they are beautiful. They make a lovely gift and knit up in no time.


7” hand circumference

1 hank of Hand Jive Knits Rustic Silk yarn
1 set of 5 size 10 dpns

3 sts = 1 inch

k knit
inc increase

CO 22 sts. Place marker and join in the round being careful not to twist.

Knit all rounds for 6.5 inches.

Begin Thumb Gusset
Round 1
K1, inc 1, K1, inc 1, knit to end of round.

Rounds 2+3

Round 4
K1, inc 1, k3, inc 1, knit to end of round.

Rounds 5+6

Round 7
K1, inc 1, k5, inc 1, knit to end of round.

Round 8,
K1, slip next 7 sts to holder to be used for thumb, cast on 2 stitches, knit to end of round.

K every round for 3 inches.
Bind off loosely.

Slip stitches from holder to 2 needles. Using a third needle, pick up 4 stitches from the body of the mitten, placing a marker after the 2nd stitch. This is the new beginning of the round.

K until thumb measures 1.5 inches.
Bind off loosely.

Weave in ends.
Make second mitt.


10 thoughts on “Rustic Silk Mitts

  1. I’m knitting these right now! I noticed that the ball band describes the fiber as “tussah silk”. Could you explain what that is?

  2. Tussah silk comes from worms that eat from a variety of trees, as opposed to worms that eat only from mulberry trees. For more on yarn and fiber, check out The Knitter’s Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes. It’s excellent!

  3. Good idea! I have that book – I don’t know why I didn’t think to look there first. Thanks for the info.

  4. I’m making these with Misti Alpaca Chunky. There’s 109 yds to the hank. Will one hank make the two mitts ?

  5. I don’t know if you’ll have enough yarn, Missy. The Rustic Silk has 142 yards per hank and the Misti only has 109. Give it a try!

  6. 109 yds turned out to be plenty with a bit left over

  7. Great. Thanks for letting me know!

  8. Can you advise me on how to change these so that they’ll fit a man ?

  9. can you help me translate this pattern to make a man’s mitt ?

  10. You can make the pattern larger by adding stitches – every 3 stitches will add 1 inch of circumference – or by using a larger needle.

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