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Count the Koigu Contest

Over the last two days, we counted everything in the shop. The yarn, the books, the patterns, the needles, the notions, the accessories – and entered it all back into the POS system. So that you can have some fun with counting yarn too, here’s our first ever contest! Announcing…the Count the Koigu Contest!

Koigu Yarn on the shelf

Here’s a picture of the Koigu KPM and KPPPM yarn on the shelf. There are more hanks behind the ones you can see and there’s another 30% or so in the back room. Guess how many hanks of Koigu we counted during inventory and write your guess in the comments of this post. The person who guesses the closest without going over will receive 2 hanks of Koigu in the color of their choice.

We’ll close the comments on Friday morning at 11 and announce the winner that day.

Good luck!

137 thoughts on “Count the Koigu Contest

  1. Hey, I’m guessing 2019 hanks!!!! I hope I’m right for my awesome math teacher…. GO MATH!

  2. I’d guess 933 hanks. I <3 Ms. Chang!!!!! Go Block 5!!!!!

  3. This if for my daughter Em. I am guessing 1,264 hanks. Thanks for the contest.

  4. My guess is 1759 hanks! Oh i hope i win the yarn for my Algebra 1 teaher! She LOVES knitting and math!

    P.S. today is my birthday! please be generous!

  5. I think its 881

  6. I guess 1607 !!! Hope i can win this for my math teacher!!! She loves yarn!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. I guess 1607!!! Hope i can win this for my math teacher!!! She loves yarn!!! 🙂

  8. 1559

  9. 672. This is for my lovely teacher!

  10. I guess 1607 !!! Hope i can win this for my math teacher!!! She loves yarn!!!

  11. I’d say 436 counting the basket on the left side. I don’t think that the bins on the right were Koigu. Hope I’m right. I can add it to my ridiculous stash.

  12. 700 hanks. I REALLY want this, REALLY.

  13. 1762

  14. I guess 1607!!! Hope i can win this for my math teacher!!! She loves yarn!!

  15. My guess is 1607!!! I hope i win this for my math teacher!!! She loves yarn!! 🙂

  16. This is for my 6th teacher in Santa Ana( not telling you who) who LOVES knitting. Okay… the number of hanks is… 1,567! I did a lil’ calculation. And I doubt the teacher the others have mentioned are mine, cause this is for his b-day!

  17. 896.This is for my mama and I really wants her to sew me a sweater with this kind of yarn.

  18. My guess is 1,607. I hope I win this for my math teacher! She loves yarn!!!!!

  19. I think there is 1296. i’m trying to win this for my fabulous math teacher! i’m in her blk. 5 class!

  20. I guess about 1,364. I AM GOING TO WIN THIS FOR MY MAMA, TOO! Except I, Giced, will WIN! HAHAHAHAHA!:-D

  21. My goodness, that’s a TON of Koigu! My guess is 1617 skeins.

  22. I’m going to guess 1,840 I’m trying to win this for my math teacher who LOVES to knit I hope I’m right!!!! PICK ME!

  23. My guess is 1,726 hanks, i’m trying to win this for my math teacher!!! <3

  24. My guess is 1,959,

    I am trying to win for my math teacher.

    -Genelle T. :)-

  25. my guess:1,643
    i hope i get the closest, or one of my classmates for our awsome math teacher! 🙂

  26. Well, I guess 1,840

  27. I guess….. 1,602

  28. I think about 1,840……

  29. 1,604

  30. 1,840

  31. I’m guessing 1861. I can’t imagine what your total skein count for the store is!

  32. I’ll say 1,000

  33. hhmm.
    WOOOO!!!1 we love OCHSA! and the prealgebra/algebra1 teahcaaa!!!

  34. ok- here’s my best analitical guess- 1,7355

  35. I’m guessing 1938 skeins!

  36. Wow! I never expected so many entries! Thank you all for entering!

    It’s just before 11 am EST. We’ll close the comments in a few minutes and announce the winner later today!

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