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Mori Mesh Scarf

When Koigu’s Mori yarn first arrived in the shop last year, Laura took 3 hanks home. A short time later, she came to work wearing a gorgeous, voluminous mesh scarf. That day and every day she’s worn it since, Laura gets compliments on her scarf from people on the street, the barristas at the coffee shop, and customers in the shops.

Mori is an exquisite blend of merino wool and mulberry silk. The colors just shine! Each 50 gram hank contains approximately 185 yards of fingering weight yarn. We used 3 hanks for our Mori Mesh Scarf, which measures 8 by 56 inches. It’s light, colorful, and perfect for cool spring evenings!

The Mori Mesh Scarf can also be made with Koigu’s KPPPM yarn because they knit up at the same gauge. The pattern is yours free with your purchase of 3 hanks of either yarn.

The top underneath the scarf is the Ribbon Shell pattern from Blue Sky Alpaca. We knit this one with Alpaca Silk yarn in the color guava. The pattern calls for the Alpaca Silk yarn to be held doubled, so you can also make it with a single strand of Dyed Cotton yarn. The Ribbon Shell is another great addition to your spring wardrobe!

3 thoughts on “Mori Mesh Scarf

  1. Hello wonderful people,

    What a wonderful scarf !!! My hat off to Laura for her design. I like seeing the end product of our creations. I think that I just might have to try knitting with it one day, but I am to busy dyeing the yarn for great people like you. I shall keep this on file for inspiration.

    Big hugs to Craig and Laura

  2. Is there any way to purchase the pattern by itself? Thanks!!

  3. The pattern’s not available for purchase by itself. Thanks for asking!

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