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Elaine Hat

You might not know it, but many of us at Loop have a fondness for a little sparkle. It’s most evident at the holidays when we inevitably reach for something with a little shine. But from time to time you’ll see a flash here or a glimmer there.

Recently, it appeared in the form of a hat designed by our own Kathy P. I loved it as soon as I saw it and asked Kathy if we could share it here. Fortunately, she agreed. After a little discussion, we named it Elaine.

Elaine is knit with Filatura di Crosa Zara and New Smoking yarns. Zara is one of the softest yarns in the shop and feels great to knit with and to wear. New Smoking provides the shine.

I put together a few combinations of Zara and New Smoking colors that I think work well together.

There are certainly lots of possibilities.

So, although it’s getting warmer, you’ll still need a hat this season. Especially one that shines. Here’s how you can make your own Elaine Hat.


One size, women’s medium, approx. 20″ circumference

Filatura di Crosa Zara (yarn A) – 1 ball
Filatura di Crosa New Smoking (yarn B) – 1 ball
16” size 4 circular needle, 16” size 7 circular needle, size 7 double pointed needles, or needles size necessary to obtain gauge
5 stitches to 1 inch using larger needles in stockinette stitch
All slipped stitches are slipped purlwise.  While knitting with New Smoking is easy, it does unwind from its ball quickly.  To keep tangles to a minimum, replace the ball band around the ball when not using the yarn.
With smaller needles and yarn A cast on 84 stitches. Join into a round taking care not to twist the stitches. Work in K2, P2 rib for 12 rounds. Change to larger needle and knit one round.

Rounds 1 and 2: with yarn B, knit 
Rounds 3: with yarn A, *sl 1, K5; repeat from * to end.
Rounds 4 through 7: repeat round 3
Rounds 8 and 9: Knit with yarn B
Round 10: with yarn A, K3, * sl1, K5*around, end K2
Rounds 11 through 14: repeat round 10
Repeat rounds 1 through 14 two more times.  
Crown Shaping
Round 1: with yarn B, Knit 4, K2tog around. (70 stitches remain)
Round 2: with yarn B, Knit 
Round 3: with yarn A, *Sl 1, K4; repeat from * to end.
Rounds 4 and 5: repeat round 3
Change to DPNs
Round 6: with yarn B, *K3, K2tog; repeat from * to end. (56 stitches remain)
Round 7: with yarn B, Knit.
Round 8: with yarn A, K2, *sl 1, K3; repeat from * to last stitch, K1.
Rounds 9 and 10: repeat round 8
Round 11: with yarn B, *K2, K2tog; repeat from * to end. (42 stitches remain)
Round 12: with yarn B, Knit.
Round 13: with yarn A, *sl1, K2; repeat from * to end.
Rounds 14 and 15: repeat round 13
Round 16: with yarn B, *K1, K2tog; repeat from * to end. (28 stitches remain)
Round 17: with yarn B, Knit.
Cut yarn B. Finish with yarn A only.
Rounds 19: *Knit 1, sl1; repeat from * to end.
Round 20: repeat round 19
Round 21: *K2tog; repeat from * to end. (14 stitches remain)
Round 22: *K2tog; repeat from * to end (7 stitches remain)

Cut yarn and pull through remaining stitches.  Weave in ends.


6 thoughts on “Elaine Hat

  1. All it needs is a cherry on top and it could be a cupcake hat. Very cute.

  2. … slinky slippery yarn can easily be contained in a piece of pantyhose cut off at the top and bottom if you wish and ya’ stick the ball of yarn in it … let’s you knit from it fabulously … happy days … happy shiny bricks hat … ina and gumby … the dog that tante sophie has …

  3. You’re right, JoAnn. I didn’t think of that. Too bad New Smoking doesn’t come in red.

    Tante Sophie, that’s a great suggestion. Thanks!

  4. Should Round 10 read “with yarn A, K3, * sl1, K5*around, end K3”?

  5. Or is it K3, *sl1, K5* to last 3 stitches, sl1, K2?

  6. Wow fabulous pattern I knitted it this past weekend I love it. Thanks for sharing it.

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