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The Cuddle Scarf and Disco Lights Yarn

Disco Lights yarn in Coral Sap

Disco Lights is the kind of yarn you treat yourself to. It’s a worsted weight hand dyed spun silk with petite sequins that’s $40 for each 100 gram hank. The shine of the silk and the glimmer of the sequins makes an elegant fabric for any project from shrugs and shells to shawls and evening bags.

The Cuddle Scarf

With 225 yards in each skein, it’s possible to make a beautiful scarf with just one hank. Erika, who recently joined the Loop staff, made The Cuddle Scarf using one hank in the color Moroccan Blue. It was her first time knitting with Disco Lights yarn and she really enjoyed what she called the luscious feel of the silk.

The Cuddle Scarf

The Cuddle Scarf pattern is free with the purchase of one hank of Disco Lights. Another fantastic free pattern is our Salt + Pepper Scarf, which also requires only one skein. Either would be a lovely gift for yourself or a friend. Actually, with Mother’s Day coming up, it would be a great gift for mom!

2 thoughts on “The Cuddle Scarf and Disco Lights Yarn

  1. Very pretty!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! It feels great too.

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