Kathy’s Wedding Dress

by Craig on April 14, 2010

When our co-worker Kathy became engaged at the end of last June, she embarked on a knitting journey many would not take. She decided to handknit her wedding dress. To add to the challenge, the wedding was just three months away.

Kathy's Lace Dress

For the pattern Kathy chose Shirley Paden’s Lace Dress. Published by Vogue Knitting, the dress is a “tea-length lace dress worked in three sections—a beaded-lace bodice with buttons running up the back, a chevron lace skirt knit circularly and a seed-stitch waistband knit horizontally to which the other two pieces are sewn.”

Kathy's Lace Dress, back

Knitting and assembling the dress was an enormous effort. Kathy had help from knitters on Ravelry and from her co-worker Kathy P, but in the end, it was her hard work and knitting abilities that made it a success. As you can see in the photographs, she was a beautiful bride.

When I told Kathy that Shirley Paden was coming to the shop, she was thrilled. Knitting a complex pattern like the Lace Dress makes you feel a connection to the designer, like you feel about an author when you read a good book. Kathy and I are taking Shirley’s Sweater Design Master Class this Saturday; there’s still space if you’d like to join us. Who knows, maybe you’ll find one of Kathy’s patterns in a magazine one day. Or one of yours.

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