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Hannah Yarn & the Climb and Swirl Cowl

Hannah yarn is one of two yarns from Lana Vida. A luxurious blend of fine merino, baby alpaca, and cashmere, Hannah is soft against your skin and toasty warm.

some of the Hannah yarn colors
Hannah yarn in crimson, hunter, cobalt, and cocoa

Hannah is available in a palette of bright and wearable colors, several of which are good for women and men (click here to see them all!). Crimson is a classic red that will brighten any chilly day. Cobalt, hunter, and cocoa are updated versions of navy, green, and brown that will easily fit into your winter wardrobe.

more colors of Hannah yarn
Hannah yarn in turquoise, cobalt, charcoal, and magenta

For some real pop, try turquoise or magenta! Or, get in on the continuing popularity of gray with the beautiful charcoal.

Hannah Cowl
Climb and Swirl Cowl

With the cooler weather and the holidays fast approaching, Hannah inspired us to create a cowl that we could knit up fast for ourselves and as gifts. The Climb and Swirl Cowl uses 1 skein of Hannah yarn and makes a knock-out accessory that’s soft, warm, and very stylish.

Hannah Cowl
Climb and Swirl Cowl, close up

Here’s how you can knit yours!


one size, approx 13.5 inches tall, and 20 inches in circumference.

1 skein Lana Vida Hannah Yarn, shown in turquoise
16-inch circular size 8 needle or size to achieve gauge

3.75 sts per inch in pattern in the round, although gauge is not critical for this project

CO 75 sts. Join in the round, being careful not to twist.

K2, p2 until piece measures almost 13 inches. BO in pattern. Weave in ends.

For this pattern, it’s better not to mark the beg of the round. Just repeat the stitch pattern until you’re ready to bind off.


52 thoughts on “Hannah Yarn & the Climb and Swirl Cowl

  1. Saw this on Ravelry and I love it, not sure if I can source the yarn in the UK but I will find something similar. thanks

    Gail x

  2. Hmmm, maybe it’s my 8-yr-old daughter’s influence, but do I sense a Hannah Montana homage?

  3. I should add that I have knit with Hannah and it is lovely! Soft, with great stitch definition.

  4. I’m knitting with it right now and think it’s absolutely wonderful, so much so, that once I finish my first cowl, I’m going to make a second one, but this time, doubling the amount of stitches so that I can have a double-length cowl!

  5. wait a minute – I just noticed two different measurements: first you say 13.5 inches tall, then you say knit until 10 inches and BO – ?????

    oh well – I’ve reached 13″, guess I’ll just bind off now! yay – so i can cast on for something else ;o)

  6. Thanks, Gail! If you don’t find anything in the UK, we can ship Hannah to you.

  7. I don’t think Hannah Montana factored into the naming, but maybe you’ve hit on something. It could be a new line of yarn aimed at the tween market!

  8. Margaret, I’m so glad you like knitting with the Hannah yarn! I’ve started a vest and it’s really a pleasure to knit.

    And thanks for finding the mistake in the pattern! It should be 13 inches.

  9. Hi Craig

    This pattern is gorgeous – I’m planning to use it to destash some Malabrigo worsted that I have. Meanwhile, the pattern works so long as there’s an odd number of stitches cast on, right? I was thinking of making a slightly longer cowl with this.

  10. Thanks, Hikari! Yes, you can make it as big as you want, just start with an odd number of stitches. I’m sure it will be beautiful in Malabrigo Worsted!

  11. Thanks for the fun pattern, I used some stash and it came out 9″ which works as well! I couldn’t find the pattern in Ravelry, do you have a link? I wil be making this again 🙂

  12. You’re welcome, Bets! Glad it worked out. I thought we’d added it to Ravelry, but I’ll check.

  13. I love this pattern but I was just wondering can I ake this with 2 different small skeins of yarn?

  14. Yes, you can substitute any yarn that yields the same gauge and has the same yardage.

  15. […] colors of Lana Vida’s beautiful Hannah yarn arrived this fall, I planned on making another Climb and Swirl Cowl. I designed the cowl last year as a quick knit to stave off the suddenly cold weather. It’s […]

  16. okay, i want to knit this! i’m fairly new to knitting and get a little jumbled with all the different methods. should i use continental, english or the combination method?

  17. Hmmmmmmmm………. Saw this on Ravelry. So doesn’t the pattern just make a k2 p2 ribbing?

  18. Is the needle size 8 US?

  19. Yes, US size 8.

  20. If I use size 7 needles instead of 8, about how many stitches do you think I would need to add? Maybe 10?

  21. If you’re changing needle size to get the gauge the pattern calls for, then you don’t need to adjust the number of stitches. If you want a tighter fabric, but the same dimensions, then yes, you’d need to add stitches. It’s hard to know how many without knowing your new gauge, but 10 would be fine.

  22. Gail – did you find an equivalent yarn in UK for the cowl please? Liz

  23. Wonderful unisex pattern and perfectly soft yarn! I purchased enough yarn to make two scarves yesterday. Today I am halfway finished the first and already looking forward to making the second. Pretty quick knit. Thanks Loop for the fantastic personalized service!

  24. Thanks, Sean! So glad you like it. Come show us when you’re finished or send a photo.

  25. First off, I love your site and yarns! I just began crocheting last month and have now moved on to learn knitting, so I’m fairly new with guages. I am using a medium 4 woven yarn for this pattern – as it’s all I have on hand and need to complete a project in the next few days. With 16″ size 8 circular, the 75 cast ons seems too short and causing the yarn to have to be stretched to get to each end. You mentioned working in odd number cast-ons, but I was hoping you could maybe give me an estimated number to shoot for to make the cowl the correct circumference. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  26. Scott, thanks so much! I’m glad you like our site.

    I would cast on enough stitches so that you can join in the round without stretching. As long as you have an odd number, the stitch pattern will work just fine. Depending on how many yards of yarn you have, the cowl may turn out a little shorter, but that’s better than too tight.

    Hope that helps!

  27. Hey, Craig!

    Thank you so very much for the response! That helps tremendously. I have several skeins of the yarn, so it won’t be a problem at all! If I ever make it to your area in my travels, I will most defintely be stopping by for a visit!

    Thanks again for all of the great patterns and information!

  28. You’re welcome, Scott!

    Yes, please come see us if you’re ever in Philadelphia!

  29. Love this cowl…how many stitches would I cast on to make the cowl using the Hannah yarn and Rowan Kid Silk held together…on the #11 needle? I want a cowl that is long…and you can double it around your neck…thanks…

  30. Kathie, you’re describing our newest version, the Ultra Deluxe Climb and Swirl Cowl. Follow this link for the pattern.

  31. Hello,

    It says to cast on 75 stiches..put it is a K2, P2 pattern…Shoudn’t this be an even number?…If not, how do I know the left over stich..a knit or a purl?

    Thank you

  32. The pattern will work out just fine as it’s written. Don’t worry about whether or not there’s a left over stitch. Just maintain the k2, p2 pattern. Good luck!

  33. About the confusion concerning a K2 P2 ribbing. Since you start with an odd number of stitches you do not get a ribbing as each round will be offset by one stitch. Instead you get a version of the seed stitch. I do not know it this is the double seed stitch or a hybrid but it looks beautiful.

  34. This is my first try at knitting in the round…mine is not looking like the picture. It’s coming out in a vertical pattern like ribbing. Any clues as to where i went wrong?

  35. Hi Sandy, it could be one of two things. You could have an even number of stitches instead of odd. Or, you knit or purled an extra stitch (k3, p2) or one stitch less (k1, p2), which through off the pattern. First, I’d count the number of stitches, and if you have an odd number, go back and look for a break in the k2, p2 repeat.

  36. Is this Hannah yarn a worsted weight (4)?

  37. Yes, Hannah’s a worsted weight yarn.

  38. Hi Craig,
    You say that Hannah is a worsted weight yarn but you then say it’s 3.75 stitches per inch. Isn’t that more of a bulky weight? I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn which is 4.5 stitches per inch a worsted weight yarn, should I alter the cast on amount? I was also thinking of making it longer so I can wrap it around. Thank you.


  39. Hi Lisa, the gauge of 3.75 stitches per inch is in the stitch pattern instead of stockinette. You can use the Cashmerino Aran that you have without changing the cast on amount. Just check your gauge.

  40. CO 75 stitches could barely even fit over my head. Is this a typo?

  41. Hi Lydia, 75 stitches at a gauge of 3.75 stitches per inch is 20 inches in circumference. If you want to make it larger, you can add stitches, just keep an odd number and the stitch pattern will work. HTH!

  42. Do you ship to Canada? Also, can I use a wool that is 3.25 sts on size 8 needles? I have 375 yds of merino boucle. How should I modify? I am a novice knitter!! Thanks

  43. Hi Mandy, Yes, we do ship to Canada. For your yarn that knits at 3.25 sts per inch, I’d cast on 65 stitches. Have fun!

  44. […] cowls were inspired by this pattern over at I wanted to use a chunkier yarn though, so I cast on 49 stitches […]

  45. What weight is Hannah?DK or Worsted

  46. Hannah’s a worsted weight yarn.

  47. Discovered your site back in February and have been an avid follower ever since. Absolutely love the patterns and KAL’s. This Climb and Swirl pattern is fantastic! I love projects with easy techniques that produce such beautiful results; I call them, “Simple Luxury”. Working one of these up now with a less expensive yarn and it still looks and feels like a million bucks!! Looking forward to making many of these, in all variations for myself and gifts.

  48. So if my head is 24 inches, I should cast on 91 stitches? Will I have enough yarn?

  49. Thank you, Lori! I think “Simple Luxury” is a great way to describe it.

  50. Melissa, because knitted fabric has a lot of stretch, I’m not sure you’ll need to cast on additional stitches. Just make sure your cast on and bind off aren’t tight.

    If you decide to cast on extra stitches, your cowl will be shorter, but will still be wearable.

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