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Wayfarer is a beautiful textured scarf for men and women. It was designed by Jared Flood for his new yarn, Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. Laura and I were both attracted to it, and dove right in to knit our own.

Wayfarer Scarf
Kristine wearing the Wayfarer Scarf

Laura chose Shelter in Sap, which is a perfect color for her. It looks great on Kristine, too, who’s wearing it in the picture above. The finished size is 8 by 78 inches. It’s a nice big scarf that gives you plenty of ways to wear it and keeps you warm!

Wayfarer, details
details of Wayfarer motifs

Wayfarer combines garter stitch and a slip stitch rib. The border between the two gracefully moves along the length of the piece, as you can see above. These details are not only attractive, but fun to knit. There are two straight sections where Jared notes you can add or subtract length to customize the size of your scarf.

My Wayfarer Scarf
My Wayfarer Scarf

For my Wayfarer, I went with Shelter yarn in the color Wool Socks. I had a hard time choosing a color, because they’re all so beautiful. I did make my scarf a little shorter. Even though I’m tall, I don’t like my scarves particularly long.

When I finished the knitting, I soaked it in the sink in barely warm water. I pressed out as much water as gently as I could and laid it flat to dry. It blocked beautifully and feels great. The knitting pulled in at the two sections shown above before I blocked it. Even now it’s not perfectly straight, which I don’t mind. If you want, you can use blocking wires for a more even finish.

Wayfarer’s my new favorite scarf. I’m so glad the weather’s gotten cold and I can wear it!

11 thoughts on “Wayfarer

  1. Craig – great scarf and person !!!! So happy to see you at the Quilt Market – don’t forget we’re waiting for you to come visit in Portland….or maybe at Madrona at the first of the year.

  2. Both look great! And the colors are beautiful.

  3. I love the pattern and colors! Does it really get soft enough for next-to-skin?

  4. I bought the pattern and yarn – I chose Button Jar – but haven’t started it yet. I’ll have to, soon! It’s getting chillier!

  5. love that scarf and they’re both done in my favorite colors!

  6. Cathy, it was great to see you too! I’ll get to Portland somehow and I’ll let you know when I do.

  7. Thanks, Carol! I agree, the colors are spectacular.

  8. It’s hard to answer the softness question, Anne. Shelter is 100% wool, yet it is softer than most yarns in the same category.

    I think Jared’s Habitat pattern is a great one for trying Shelter. It only takes 1 skein, and if it’s not soft enough for you, you can give it to someone else.

    Let me know what you think of Shelter if you try it!

  9. Anne, I love Button Jar! That was a close second choice for me. Please send a photo when you’re done!

  10. Thanks, Elsa! I’m glad you like them. I just glad I finished mine before the temperature dropped!

  11. […] Craig on February 24, 2011TweetMy first projects with Shelter yarn were the Habitat hat and the Wayfarer scarf. I love both, especially the scarf. But I wanted more; I wanted a sweater. After a quick survey of […]

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