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James's Sweater Now

I tried to deny it, but my Spud Says! Easy Top-Down Raglan was too big for me. I didn’t pay attention and was in a hurry to finish. I suspected it was coming out too large, but I didn’t stop, check, and fix. Rather than have the sweater sit in a drawer, I gave it to Kathy’s son, James.

James's Sweater

The pullover’s even a little big on James, but it looks much better on him. Best of all, he likes it and was happy to have it.

The lesson I’ve learned: check your work. A little time up-front will be rewarded in the end.

The other day Kathy told me that James wants another sweater. And you know, I just might make him one.

Thanks for posing for the photo, James! Enjoy the sweater!

10 thoughts on “James's Sweater Now

  1. Great Sweater and James looks great in the sweater and the color…congrats on a good job!

  2. Well done job! I think the color is definitely James – he wears it extremely well & to have a handmade garment is all the rave so he is likely to get many compliments-way to go.

  3. I vote for James to be the new Loop model. I do love that rich red color! Thanks for reminding us all to slow down a bit and enjoy our work so that we can have the pleasure of actually being able to wear it at the end.

  4. I love the top down sweater. What yarn did you use for this? My daughter is just finishing up a top down sweater for her boyfriend and she absolutely loves James’s new sweater!!!

  5. if you ever knit the sweater too small, can i be on your “gift” list?? miss you

  6. Thanks, Cindy! I love the color too.

  7. Thanks, TroyJennene!

  8. I’ll contact James’s agent and see if he’ll work with us again, Susanne!

  9. I used Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn. The color is Firecracker.

  10. I just love this story. It speaks to all that’s good about knitters and knitting. Stories like
    this one make me so proud to a part of our community!

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