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Loop, the movie

For Christmas, my brother-in-law Erik made me this mini documentary about Loop. Erik’s been a huge supporter of mine from the moment I decided to change careers and open the shop. He has a fantastic eye and a great business sense. And he’s a great collaborator for hashing out ideas big and small.

Erik’s also talented photographer, video editor (click here to see his listing on imdb – he’s the only person I know with a listing), and director (click here to see his music videos). He’d seen videos about small businesses and thought it would be fun to make one for me. I think he did an amazing job and I really appreciate it.

Thanks, Erik!

17 thoughts on “Loop, the movie

  1. I loved this so much. 🙂

  2. Love, love, love….. Your store is the only reason I would consider moving into town! Keep it up!

  3. Yay! What a delightful video. Love it. And love you guys. Thanks for being there. 🙂

  4. Smashing – really captures the essence of Loop. Well done!

  5. What a cool video! I love it 🙂

  6. Love love love this video! I just lost my job and you might have inspired me to do what I love. Thank you!

  7. Hey Craig, I love the video. Watched the video with my boys , who I drag into the shop on a regular basis. They think that it’s great. 🙂

  8. Bravo! What a great video. It really captures who you are and the passion behind Loop

  9. adorable. i love this.

  10. Great video Craig! It really captures all that I love (and miss) about Loop. I moved away from Philly 2 years ago, and every yarn store that I’ve come across since, I compare to Loop – and I have yet to find a shop that has a comparable selection, sense of color, and atmosphere. Wishing you the best of luck and continued success!

  11. Thank you for all your sweet and supportive comments! It inspires me to make Loop the best shop it can be.

    Erik really did an amazing job with the video. He put so much time and effort into it. I’m lucky to have such a fantastic BIL.

  12. Wonderful video! Love it.

  13. Great video! I wish I could visit your shop in person – it looks like it would be just a wonderful experience. If I ever get to Philly . . .

    You are so lucky to be doing what you seem to love – good luck to you!

  14. Loved the video! Wish I could come more often- buying online is just not the same.

  15. Wonderful video, Craig. And Loop…well, it is the most beautiful yarn store I have ever been in. It’s pure pleasure to ogle the yarn displays and talk to your friendly staff.

  16. LOOP is my favorite yarn store of all times !~!
    The color display and fibers selection is amazing.
    Everything about the shop is perfect.
    Online shopping is so great as well.
    Thank you Craig !!

  17. I love this video! and I love being a part of Loop! 🙂 Craig, you look so cute in this!

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