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Sweetie Pie Hat

Sweetie Pie Hat in Bambino Taffy yarn
Sweetie Pie Hat in Bambino Taffy

The Sweetie Pie Hat pattern is printed on the label of Be Sweet’s beautiful Bambino Taffy yarn. It has a picot hem, an eyelet heart motif, bobbles, and a fun tie top. All of these embellishments make this little hat – it’s one size will fit babies 6 to 18 months of age – a fun and interesting project.

If it seems too much for baby boys, you can replace the picot hem with ribbing and omit the eyelets for the heart. I’d keep the bobbles and the tie top; I think it’s cute.

Be Sweet Bambino Taffy Yarn
Each ball of Bambino Taffy has 5 coordinated colors!

It was Bambino Taffy’s colors that first got my attention. Each ball is made up of 5 coordinating colors that are tied together (like Be Sweet’s Magic Ball yarn). I love the shades they chose. Once I felt it, I was really drawn in. Bambino Taffy is a blend of organically-grown cotton and bamboo. It’s wonderfully soft and perfect for babies’ little heads.

You only need 1 ball to knit the Sweetie Pie Hat – and what a great gift!

4 thoughts on “Sweetie Pie Hat

  1. Just received my bambino taffy – love it! So soft and the colors are beautiful. Can’t wait to start a baby hat. And thank you for the Loop tape measure. I swear that someone steals my tape measures out of my knitting bags . . . Lovely package to brighten up a Monday!

  2. Ann, I’m so glad you like Bambino Taffy and the tape measure! I feel the same way – I know I have tape measures, but I can never find one!

  3. Can you help me with the heart motif. It doesn’t work for me from row 1. There are 11 sts for each heart. And a total of 74 sts… What am I doing wrong?

  4. Suzy I don’t have a copy of the pattern to look at. I can only suggest double checking your counts and re-reading your pattern to see if you find the problem. Good luck!

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