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Whitby’s Muffler

Whitby's Muffler

Whitby’s Muffler is a big, rectangular, scarf reminiscent of those worn by college students in the 1920s. Worn over your coat and wrapped one or several times, you can pull it up over your mouth when the cold winds blowing, but you’re not ready to head indoors.

While those 1920s mufflers had college colors and stripes, Whitby features blocks of color in modern shades. Ours combines bright orange and yellow with cool blue and taupe.

Whitby's Muffler

Whitby is knit with Lana Vida’s Francesca yarn. It’s spun with a blend of fine merino and baby alpaca for a plush and ultra-soft yarn. We used colors Coral, Forsythia, Light Blue, and Taupe. With Francesca’s 13 shades, there are many options for Whitby. Here are some others we liked:

Whitby Colorway 1

Whitby’s Muffler Option 1 (from left): Petal, Pink, Crimson, and Coral.

Whitby Colorway 2
Whitby’s Muffler Option 2 (from left): Lemon, Spring, Forest, and Light Blue.

Whitby Colorway 3 Whitby’s Muffler Option 3 (from left): Bright Blue, Royal, Purple, and Taupe.

To make Whitby’s Muffler, you’ll need 1 hank of each of the four colors. We used size 10.5 needles – 24-inch and 40-inch circular needles – for a gauge of 3.5 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch. Gauge is not critical for this project.

Lana Vida Francesca is our December Yarn of the Month, so it’s 10% off now through 12/31/12. Whitby’s Muffler knitting pattern is free with your purchase of four hanks of Francesca. The pattern is available for purchase individually by clicking here.

Start today and you’ll have Whitby to keep you warm on winter’s coldest days!

2 thoughts on “Whitby’s Muffler

  1. Hi Craig.

    This pattern looks lovely! Any chance it can be modified to three colours though? I was thinking of doing something like this for a friend in her team’s colours, and a bar scarf would have been boring. This looks a lot more fun 🙂

  2. Sure you could make Whitby with only 3 colors. My first thought is to eliminate the taupe, but I’m sure there are other ways. And I agree, it would be a fun way to use team colors.

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