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MA.1 Cowl

MA.1 Cowl Worn Doubled

Shibui’s MA.1 cowl is our first shop sample with new-to-us Merino Alpaca yarn. Its knit-purl stitch pattern creates a pleating effect for a fabric with fantastic depth. At 52.5 inches in circumference, MA.1 can be worn in one long loop or doubled up. It has a very satisfying, cozy weight to it that’s made it a favorite among the staff. It’s not unusual to see one of them wearing in the shop!

MA.1 Cowl

MA.1 is a free pattern. It’s made with 4 hanks of Shibui’s Merino Alpaca (we chose the color Graphite) and a 32-inch size 9 circular needle. MA.1 is worked in the round, so all you need to do when you’ve finished knitting is weave in the ends!

Shibui Merino AlpacaShibui Merino Alpaca (from left): abyss, bordeaux, jumpsuit, nude, ivory, and honey.

Shibui’s Merino Alpaca yarn is a 50/50 blend of superfine merino and baby alpaca. It’s a warm, dense yarn that creates a plush and cozy fabric. Because of its many-plied construction, cables and textured stitch patterns show up beautifully, as you can see with MA.1.

More Shibui Merino AlpacaShibui Merino Alpaca (from left): lumen, green tea, cypress, suit, graphite, and UV.

Merino Alpaca is available in Shibui’s sophisticated palette of light and dark neutrals, rich jewel tones, and pops of neon bright color. Perfect for chic, stylish knits!

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