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Belle Linen Sweater


This pattern came out last fall and I was so pleased to see two of my favorite things together- Cocoknits style & Shibui Linen! I cast on right away even though the cold weather was coming. I got to wear it a few times, and then I folded it up for next season. Well, next season is here and I am psyched to wear my (nearly) new Belle sweater again!


Belle is a big, gorgeous swath of knitting in the round with 4 openings: neck, a hem and 2 sleeves. What makes it unique is the way they’re distributed across the rectangle’s perimeter; the hem and neck are on opposite corners! This, coupled with the ultra drapey Linen, creates the beautiful, bias fabric that makes this slouchy sweater special.


Knit on a size 9, and using just 3 skeins of Shibui Linen in Field (I knit the medium), I knit this up in just under a week. I know linen has a bit of a reputation for being hard on your hands, but I assure you that is not the case with this yarn! The chain construction lends a little extra give, making it a pleasure to knit.

I love that Belle gives a little extra coverage in the AC and lets me wear a handknit sweater in the summer! You can pull the sweater down long to wear over a long tank dress, or keep the hem gathered at the waist to dress up tanks & jeans. If you’ve been thinking of giving the Linen a try, this is a perfect project to do so!

4 thoughts on “Belle Linen Sweater

  1. Love the look. I will be knitting this one soon I think!

  2. Robin- You totally should, I love it!

  3. Was this yarn used in Liesl pattern? Are any other patterns available in sleeveless long tunics? Love the drape @ how it can cover all ills! Does the Belle also do this?

  4. I have seen Liesl knit with Linen, and its designer, Cocoknits, has other sleeveless long tunics. We have the patterns in the shop or you can see them on her website,

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