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Blossom Baby Sweater

Unbeknown to me, there is a mill in Philadelphia manufacturing yarn for hand knitting. I found out from a yarn sales representative from Virginia, ironically, who came to see me earlier this summer. I was happy to know there was yarn being made so close to home and wanted to see it.

Super Soft Cotton

Among their offerings I found Florafil Super Soft Cotton. It’s a chunky yarn made from a single ply of cotton wrapped with a nylon thread. The wrapping gives the yarn a crimped texture, which translates to the finished knitted fabric. Super Soft Cotton is dyed in many beautiful colors that are inspired by flowers.

Blossom Baby Sweater

Laura suggested the Blossom Baby Sweater. It’s a simple one-button cardigan for babies that calls for a chunky, textured yarn; perfect! I chose the Red Hibiscus colorway.

Because hand painted yarns can pool, I knit from two balls at once, working two rows with one ball and two rows with the next. The yarn that’s not in use is simply dropped and picked up again when it’s needed. I didn’t cut and reattach the yarns.

Blossom Baby Sweater

The pattern is easy to follow. Because of the chunky yarn and big needles, the pieces worked up quickly and I was seaming and weaving in ends in no time. It’s sized for babies 6-12 months and 12-18 months. Both can be made with 2 hanks of Super Soft Cotton.

The Blossom Baby Sweater and Super Soft Cotton yarn is a great first seamed sweater project for new knitters and an easy project for experienced knitters looking for a fast, cute gift!

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