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Favorite Scarves in Hannah


November really brought the cold weather- I actually saw a few snowflakes float by my window at the beginning of the week! If there’s one thing a dip in temperature brings out in people, it’s the need for a scarf!

Our knitters come to the shop in search of the perfect scarf to keep everyone warm: husbands, kids, in-laws, BFFs and, of course, themselves! More often than not, a simple stitch knit in a beautiful, soft yarn is the order of the day.

We’ve knit our tried and true, favorite scarves in one of our favorite yarns- Hannah! Hannah is a blend of baby alpaca, merino & cashmere dyed in a variety of rich hues. The colors are well suited for women & men alike, and the feel is soft, soft, soft!

Here are our patterns- making it easy for you to cast on and go!

clockwise from top left in the photo above.


Materials: 2 skeins Hannah or 440 yds worsted weight yarn. US8 needles.


Cast on 41 sts or a multiple of 4 + 1.

Row 1: *K2, p2; repeat from * to last st, k1.
Repeat row 1 to desired length. Bind off in pattern.

2×2 RIB

Cast on 40 sts or a multiple of 4 + 2

Row 1: *K2, p2; repeat from * to end.
Repeat row 1 to desired length. Bind off in pattern.


Cast on 30 sts.

Row 1: K
Repeat row 1 to desired length. Bind off.


Cast on 31 sts or an odd number.

Row 1: *K1, p1; repeat from * to end.
Repeat rows 1 to desired length. Bind off in pattern.

4 thoughts on “Favorite Scarves in Hannah

  1. Hannah also makes gorgeous cozy cables! I bought a few skeins a while back and when I opened the package wondered if the color was what I wanted – then I knit a nice long Irish hiking scarf and the yarn came alive! It is lush and beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Margaret! It’s great to hear that you were pleased with Hannah.

  3. Happy Holidays Craig and Staff,

    I recently bought 2 skeins of Peruvia Quick yarn and I was wondering if you can suggest an EASY Pattern?

    Thank you

  4. Happy holidays, Rita! Any of these scarves will work beautifully. You’ll probably need to cast on fewer stitches because your yarn is thicker. Have fun!

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