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A Day with Carol J. Sulcoski

Come spend the day with local author, designer, and yarn-dyer Carol Sulcoski on Saturday, February 8, 2014 – our first special guest of the year!

Carol's Books

Carol is the author of Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn and Sock Yarn Studio: Hats, Garments, and Other Projects Designed for Sock Yarn. Her designs have appeared in Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple, and Knitty, and other publications.

Black Bunny Fibers Yarn

Carol also handpaints and sells yarn through her company Black Bunny Fibers. You may have seen her yarn in the shop; you can also find it in her online store.

Black Bunny Fibers Yarn

Carol will teach a class on working with handpainted yarns in the morning and give a talk on sock yarn in the afternoon. We’ll have a lots of beautiful Black Bunny Fibers yarn on hand – fresh from Carol’s studio! I hope you can join us!

Knitting With Handpainted Yarns
$45 – 10am to 1pm, Saturday, February 8

If you love handpainted yarns, but don’t understand why they sometimes pool and splotch, if you are disappointed when projects knit in handpaints don’t look the way you thought they would, or if you’d like to learn more working with handpaints, then this class is for you!

We’ll start by talking about how handpainted yarns are made and how they differ from machine-dyed yarns; we’ll cover some basics of color theory; we’ll learn how to divide handpaints into three categories and select patterns that will work with each general type. You’ll learn why handpaints pool and pick up some concrete tips for how to prevent pooling and other unattractive effects.

We’ll discuss the new art of intentional pooling – trying to harness the yarn’s colors to create deliberate patterning. And we’ll finish by looking at tips and tricks for designing with handpaints – or selecting designs that make the most of the unique qualities of these yarns.

You’ll never look at your handpaints the same way again!

Sock Yarn Studio: All About Sock Yarn
$15 – 2 to 3pm, Saturday February 8

In this informative and enjoyable talk, we’ll take a close look at different types of sock yarn and how picking the right sock yarn can help make or break your project.

We will start by talking about different fibers (such as wool, silk and nylon) that are commonly used in sock yarns, including the pros and cons of each fiber. We’ll talk about sock yarn construction (for example, looking at plied yarns vs. singles) and see how construction affects performance and appearance. We’ll also talk about self-striping and self-patterning yarns, and learn why they work and how to work with them. We’ll finish up by looking at some patterns that use sock yarn in traditional and untraditional ways.

I’ll linger with you in the shop after the talk to help you select just the right combination of socks yarns and patterns.

Register today!

Call us at 215-893-9939 or stop in to register. Full payment is required to reserve your space. Refunds will only be issued if your space can be filled or if the class/talk is canceled.

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