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Katarina Cabled Headband


Are your ears cold? If you live anywhere that has been swept up in The Dread Polar Vortex, I’ll bet your answer is YES! In an effort to stay as warm as possible, we’ve had lots of customers looking for a turban style cabled headband. It’s a good alternative option for keeping warm without the hat head!


Craig came to the rescue & whipped up the Katarina Cabled Headband in 2 yarns: Debbie Bliss Riva & Berroco’s Kodiak. Riva is a 70% wool/30% acrylic with a slow striping effect. Kodiak is a fluffy 61% alpaca, 24% nylon, 15% wool. Both are chunky, lightweight, super soft blends that won’t itch your forehead and will keep your ears toasty!

Knit in a simple rib with one big cable at the center front, this pattern will take no time at all and keep your ears warm and your hairdo cute!

Please enjoy our free pattern and stay warm!


Small (Medium, Large)
18 (20, 22) inch head circumference

3.5 inches wide, 17 (19, 21) inches around.

Note: Headband is intended to fit snugly. For a custom fit, hold around head before binding off to test comfort.

Debbie Bliss Riva or Berroco Kodiak (61% baby alpaca, 24% nylon, 15% merino wool; 125 yards/ 50 grams): 1 ball.

US10.5 straight or 24-inch circular needle.
Darning needle.

Cast on 16 stitches.

K1, P1 for 8 (9, 10) inches.

Slip first 8 sts to cable needle and hold in front. Work last 8 sts in pattern. Work 8 sts from cable needle.

Continue K1, P1 until piece measures 17 (19, 21) inches from cast on edge.

Bind off in pattern, leaving a 10-inch tail. Use mattress stitch to join cast on and bind off edge.

Weave in ends and enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Katarina Cabled Headband

  1. A great project to knit while watching this Super Bowl this Sunday.
    With the cold new england weather a great alternative to my hats!

  2. Will you please add the pattern to the Ravelry database? I’d love to add it to my queue.

  3. Yes, we will. Glad you like it!

  4. Is this supposed to say 61 stitches? I’d love to think I could make a headband out of 16 but i think it’d only fit my finger!

  5. Katarina is knit flat and seamed, so you only need 16 stitches to get the width we wanted. But you’re right, if it was knit in the round it would be much smaller!

  6. I am in the process of starting your pattern for Katrina cabled headband and am wondering what size is the one pictured on the revelry website? Love the pattern & hope I can make it as a beginner! Thank you.

  7. Hi Mary- Ours is 20″ around. If you can’t decide between 2 sizes, I would suggest choosong the smaller, as it will stretch a bit.
    Have fun!

  8. I have struggled for 2 days to knit this cute headband and cannot get the look right. Even went to local yarn shop and they couldn’t make it look right, either. I don’t want to give up. Please help!!

  9. Hi Carolyn! This is one of those projects that looks a little crazy up until you’re almost done. Since the cable is so wide, it looks strange or even wrong as you’re knitting it. Knit 2 or 3 inches past it, and then tug it into shape to flatten it out. Good luck!

  10. i trying to cross the cable over top and i can’t…my friends knitting for years told me the only way to do it is cut the yarn and knit one side longer and them do the same in the other side…could you explain please how cross it over…thank you

  11. The size of the cable makes it confusing, but you work it just as you would any 2×2 cable. It will look funny until you knit a few rows past the cable cross, but it’ll work and you won’t have to cut your yarn. HTH!

  12. K1 P1 for 8 (9,10) inches or rounds??

  13. It’s inches.

  14. Since I found this pattern yesterdayI have madever three. My first time ever doing a cable and it turned out.Love it.

  15. That’s fantastic, Barb! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

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