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Erika’s Harvest Cardigan


The Loop staff is deep into a bout of Tin Can Knits Fever; all of their patterns just look so good! First Craig & I knit ourselves Flax sweaters and then Kathy knit a baby Flax. Now Erika has knit their brand new design, Harvest. She used Malabrigo Rios in Porcion and it looks wonderful!


You may be familiar with Rios’s single ply sister, Worsted Merino (which would also make a lovely Harvest cardigan!). Rios is made with the same super soft wool used in Malabrigo’s Worsted Merino yarn with 2 important twists – it’s plied and it’s superwash! This makes it a great choice for easy to wear, everyday sweaters like Harvest. Vibrant and rich, the hand dyed hues create an irresistible palette!


Harvest is knit top down, but using a very interesting construction technique. You start by knitting the back of the collar, then picking up stitches along the edge and continuing through the yoke and knitting the sweater all in one piece. Did I mention Harvest is a free pattern? It is! Pretty nice, eh?

Awesome job, Erika! I have to add this cardigan to my queue STAT!

3 thoughts on “Erika’s Harvest Cardigan

  1. Erika, I love it! You look great in the sweater. I am on my third flax childs sweater, this will have to be next! May I ask what size you made for yourself as I like the ease/fit of yours?

  2. Gorgeous! The yarn even makes me recall harvest time and the Indian corn you can get to adorn your door. Erika is a rock star!

  3. Debbie, Erika knit the small and has about 2 inches of ease. HTH!

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