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Take a Class with Kate Oates!

Kate Oates, creator of Tot Toppers and When I Grow Up patterns, is visiting us on Saturday, November 8, with sample garments and accessories for you to see. Meet Kate in the morning, then take a class with her in the afternoon!

A few Tot Toppers Patterns

clockwise from top left: Roar, Gramps Cardigan, Cozy Legs, and Ollie Hat from Tot Toppers.

Kate’s designs for children and adults are fun and colorful with a modern classic style. In addition to her individual knitting pattern lines, she is the author of Knitting Clothes Kids Love: Colorful Accessories for Heads, Shoulders, Knees, Hands, Toes.

Some patterns from When I Grow Up

clockwise from top left: Gramps Slouch, Rondo, Mary Swanson Cardi-Vest, and Gramps Cardigan from When I Grow Up.

free, Saturday, November 8 from 11am-12pm

Come meet Kate and see her garments and accessories in person.

$60, Saturday, November 8 from 1-5pm

The challenge with hand knits for children is how quickly they grow out of them. In this class, you’ll learn the basics on how children grow and the best ways to get more wear out of each garment. You’ll not only receive a description of growth patterns, but we’ll walk through a little necessary math to make adjustments in patterns and gives an overview of schematic interpretation. Included are several math worksheets for adjusting stitches or rows in a particular section of a sweater. We’ll finish up by practicing some knitted grow-with-me tips & tricks for long-lasting sweaters. Handouts are provided.

Skills required:
-cast on
-knitting in the round

Required Materials:
-Yarn and appropriately sized needles for small circumference knitting at worsted gauge or heavier.
-Basic calculator, pencil, scrap paper
-Knitters tools like scissors, darning needle, measuring tape
-an open mind about some easy math and a little bit of patience with yourself!

Call us at 215-893-9939 or stop in to reserve your spot in class!

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