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Yoked Cardigan

Yoked Cardigan

Hannah Fettig’s Yoked Cardigan is one of those rare patterns that’s sized for everyone from a 6-month old with a 17 inch chest to an adult with a 61-inch bust. And even less common, it looks great on everyone. Kathy knit one for herself a few years ago and it’s been on my list of projects to knit for the shop ever since.

Earlier this fall I finally cast on with Classic Elite Liberty Wool. Liberty Wool’s printed colors change unexpectedly, which makes it really fun to work with. I used the shade called Painted Desert.

Yoked Cardigan

I knit the 21 inch chest size, which will fit a 1-2 year old. The Yoked Cardigan is worked from the top down, so there are no seams to sew. The button band is picked up and knit after the body is complete.

This is a wonderful gift for a baby or young girl. And there’s still plenty of time to knit one for the holidays!

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