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NEW IN: Classic Elite Soft Linen

Classic Elite Soft Linen yarn
Classic Elite Soft Linen, top row: deep red, bright rose, winter pear, antique white, and dove; bottom row: tropical sea, persian teal, deep cornflower, lupine, and deep twilight.

We recently brought in Classic Elite’s Soft Linen yarn for the Spring season. It’s blend of linen, wool, and baby alpaca makes it a wonderful choice for three-season knits.

The linen is crisp and cool; the wool adds elasticity and makes it comfortable to knit with, and the baby alpaca makes it soft. Soft Linen works well with lace and textured patterns, as well as colorwork, for beautiful accessories and garments.

Here are a few pieces made with Soft Linen!

WINONA by Laura Chau

Winona by Laura Chau

Made in one piece from the top down, Winona has a deep v-neck, a soft, flared silhouette, and deep ribbing at the cuffs and hem.

LUCRETIA by Meg Kealey


Lucretia is a stockinette shawl with colorful feather-and-fan lace along the bottom edge. The pattern begins with the edging and uses short rows to shape the body.

JOYA by talitha kuomi


With its deep v-neck and all-over lace pattern, Joya is a perfect layering piece. It’s constructed from the bottom up and finished at the shoulders.