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Brooklyn Tweed Introduces 5 New Shades

New BT Colors

Brooklyn Tweed introduces five new colors to Shelter and Loft today: Cinnabar, Bale, Tartan, Flannel & Tallow. I hardly feel like I’ve exhausted the possibilities of the existing 32 shades, but who can resist more colors!

To give you a sense of the new shades in action, I grouped them with some of the existing ones.

Camper, Long Johns, and Cinnabar


Plume, Wool Socks, and Cinnabar


Almanac, Flannel, and Faded Quilt


Fauna, Hayloft, and Bale


Fauna, Hayloft, Bale, and Tartan


All five new shades are in-store and online now – come plan your next project!