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Sweater Class

In Sweater Class we’ll help you plan a pullover, cardigan, or vest that’s designed to fit your gauge and your shape using Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit. We’ll guide you through the process from following your pattern to blocking the pieces, sewing them together, and working the neck and/or button bands.


from L to R: Alight, Harbor Island, and Pilot House

Custom Fit is designed to create everything from a classic crew neck cardigan or a v-neck pullover to dozens of Amy’s beautiful designs. All of the sweaters have set-in sleeves and are knit in pieces. Beyond that, there are many, many options!

Before Sweater Class begins, you’ll select your yarn and knit a swatch. If it’s your first sweater, we recommend you choose a worsted weight yarn. It works up quickly and is easier to seam than finer weights. You can choose any yarn, however, just remember that the thinner the yarn, the longer your sweater will take to knit! We’ll give you specific instructions for knitting and blocking your swatch, and ask that you bring it back to us at least a few days before the first class.

At that time, we’ll take your measurements and ask you to pick your pattern. You can select one that Amy’s already designed, like the ones shown above, or you can choose each individual sweater element, like neck style, sleeve length and body length. We’ll create your pattern using your swatch and your measurements and have it for you at the first class.

Sweater Class meets 8 times, so you have plenty of time to knit and to get help. By the end, you’ll have a brand new, great fitting sweater you can enjoy wearing for years to come!