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Meet North Light Fibers

This fall we’re excited to have North Light Fibers‘ special yarn, Water Street DK, in the shop. North Light operates a Micro Yarn Mill on Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island. Their small team handles every step in the process to make this and other beautiful yarns.

Sven Risom, one of the mill owners, will be here on Sunday, December 11 at 1-2pm to tell us about his mill and yarns. Sven’s presentation includes a hands-on discussion about fibers. We’ll learn about different types of wool and fiber, how the grade of fiber is key to the yarn, and how different fiber blends impact the yarn. Find a guard hair in alpaca, understand why fiber staple length is important to yarn construction, and see how yarns are impacted by the actual fibers.

Sven will then take us through a virtual tour of their Micro Yarn Mill as they skirt, wash, and dye the fibers, then pick, dehair, card, spin and finish the yarns to make knitting with them even more pleasurable.

After we learn how the yarn is made, we’ll see and feel garments and accessories made with North Light Fibers yarns. I hope you’ll join us for this free event!