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Little Coffee Bean Cardigan

Little Coffee Bean Cardigan

Elizabeth Smith’s Little Coffee Bean is an adorable sweater and a great knitting pattern for your first cardigan. We knit ours with Spud & Chloe’s Sweater Yarn, which is a soft machine washable blend of merino wool and organic cotton.

Little Coffee Bean is knit from the top down. You cast on and work the ribbed collar, increase at four points for the yoke, separate the sleeve stitches and knit the body and each sleeve separately. Pick up and knit stitches for the button bands, sew on your buttons, and you’re done!

The pattern is sized for 3, 6, and 12 months. For larger sizes, see Smith’s Wonder Years cardigan.

Sweater Yarn is one of our favorite yarns for babies and kids. It’s warm but soft and comes in a range of bright, happy colors. We used Pollen and Ice Cream; so many other colors look great striped with Ice Cream. Shown above from left are: Jelly Bean, Pollen, Firefly, Grass, and Splash.

For your own child, for a gift for a friend, or for learning how to knit a cardigan, the Little Coffee Bean is a well-written pattern that’s fun to knit!

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