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Elliana Scarf

Elliana is as much a necklace as it is a scarf. Flowing and shimmering, it’s light enough to wear whatever the weather and dresses up any outfit.

Elliana Scarf detail

Made with The Loome’s Risoni, a 100% silk yarn with slubs that create the unique fabric all on their own. You just knit and purl and – ta-da! you’re wearing a beautiful new scarf.

To knit Elliana, you’ll need 2 balls of Risoni and a 24-inch size US8 circular needle. The pattern is free with your purchase of the Risoni yarn; if you’re ordering online, just put “Elliana” in the comments section and we’ll send it with your order.

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Portfolio Scarf Plus!

Portfolio Plus

The Portfolio Scarf continues to be one of our most popular patterns. It’s alternating bands of garter stitch and simple lace are knit on the bias for a great looking piece that’s the perfect size for wearing under a coat and indoors.

Portfolio was designed for our Studio yarn, which is a sport weight. We couldn’t help wonder what it would look like in worsted weight Studio Plus. The answer is FANTASTIC!

Portfolio Scarf Plus

Bigger isn’t always better, but Portfolio knit – just as it’s written – with two hanks of Studio Plus on a size US 8 needle, yields a big, beautiful scarf that’s 75 inches long and 12.5 inches at its widest point. It’s soft and cozy, plump and squeezable, and perfect for wrapping up in!

We used the color Landscape but it’ll look fantastic in any shade – click here to pick your favorite!

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Neve Scarf

Neve Scarf

Cecelia Campochiaro’s Sequence Knitting classes in September really inspired me. The concept is deceivingly simple – knitting only 1 row patterns. But when you think of all the 1 row patterns you can create, the number of stitches you can repeat them over, how to increase them and decrease them, and how to incorporate color – the possibilities are endless. And exciting!

For my first foray, I chose Lana Vida Hannah, a perennial favorite. Made with baby alpaca, fine merino, and cashmere, it is a joy to knit. I chose two shades – cobalt and lake. First they’re used to create stripes, then cobalt is used alone to the end. The result is a pleated effect created by the stitch pattern and a fun play of color.

Neve Scarf

Neve takes three skeins of Hannah – two of the main color and one of the contrast color, and size US 8 needles. The finished scarf is 6.75 inches wide and 68 inches long.

With several color pairings to choose from, Neve makes it easy to dress up your favorite coat and to stay warm. Here are a few of our favorites.


Hannah combinations for Neve, clockwise from top left: bloom and crimson, forsythia and silver, grass and hunter, cobalt and lake.

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Wrapped in Color

Wrapped in Color

Wrapped in Color: 30 Shawls to Knit is the latest book from mother-daughter team Maie and Taiu Landra, the makers of Koigu yarn.

When Laura and I saw a preview of it at the Winter Trade Show in Phoenix, we wanted to sit right down and start knitting. Koigu yarn is gorgeous in the hank, but the way Maie uses the different colorways together in her designs is just incredible.

Here are four of my favorites from the book.

finished size: 30 by 100 inches
made with 10 hanks of KPPPM, 2 each in 5 colors

Alligator Wrap

finished size: 47 inches wide, 23 inches from center to point
made with 5 hanks of KPPPM, each in a different color

Charlotte's Daughter Joy

finished size: 15 by 20 inches
made with 120 mini KPPPM skeins

Rhapsody in Color

finished size: 18 by 82 inches
made with 10 skeins of KPPPM

Stroke of Midnight Wrap

These are just 4 of the 30 stunning designs in the book. Click here to see them all!

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Paintbrush Mitts

Paintbrush Mitts

Paintbrush Mitts are striped hand warmers made with our super soft Studio yarn. They’re perfect for a little extra warmth anytime you need it. Knit in the round with an after-thought thumb, they work up quickly and easily.

Paintbrush Mitt ColorsLoop Studio in Cadmium, Smock, Landscape, Smock, and Watercolor.

Our mitts are made with the colors Cadmium and Smock. We’ve made kits for them in this and two other color combinations: Landscape and Smock, and Watercolor and Smock. Click here to see the Paintbrush Mitt Kits.

Studio Collection

The Paintbrush Mitts are the third accessory we’ve knit with Studio. They’re pictured above with the Gallery Hat and the Portfolio Scarf. Follow the links for the patterns, and click here to shop for Studio!

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Bateaux Mouches in Alpaca 1


Incredibly light and endlessly wrapable, the Bateaux Mouches scarf is an lovely knit guaranteed to be your constant companion in cooler temperatures! The name comes from the open excursion boats that run along the Seine showing off the views of Paris. While I can imagine wearing this shawl on a breezy boat ride, I know in reality that we all want to wear it in the shop while we’re working, since no one can quite get over how soft and warm it is!


Knitting in Isager’s Alpaca 1, a lace weight 100% alpaca, on a big needle gives the garter stitch a lacy effect. The fabric becomes gauzy and a little stretchy. Bateaux Mouches is big enough to use as a full wrap, yet the fabric is thin enough to scrunch down and wear like a scarf. Since the pattern is all knitting, this makes for a great travel project, as it’s easy to pick up and set down. But really, the yarn is so nice you won’t want to set it down until you’re finished!


Bateaux Mouches uses just 2 skeins of Alpaca 1, the pattern and a size 7 needle. With a rich range of colors, there’s opportunity for fun accents or workhorse neutrals that go with everything! Add it to your Ravelry queue here!