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Helena’s jacket

Helena has her first hand knit sweater, thanks to her mom’s friend, Marnie!

Helena's February Baby Jacket

The pattern is the Baby Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac. It’s knit with Koigu’s DK-weight Kersti yarn. Marnie started the jacket in a class with Laura and did a wonderful job completing it.

Helena's February Baby Jacket

Helena will get plenty of use from her jacket in the chilly months ahead. And what a wonderful heirloom of this special time!

Thanks for sending us these photographs, Marnie! Well done!

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Shirley’s Multi Color Koigu Scarf

Shirley’s Multi Color Koigu Scarf

Before I tell you about Shirley’s latest knitting project, which you see above, I have to tell you how this picture was taken. Aside from our love of knitting, Shirley and I share a passion for all things Apple. I was just telling Laura that I wanted to get the new iMac when I found out that Shirley had gotten one. Not just the new iMac, but the gorgeous new 24″ iMac. Then, Shirley sends me this picture, which she took with her computer! Even though I’m green with envy, I’m glad to know someone who’s enjoying the new iMac.

On to the knitting! The Multi Color Koigu Scarf is knit with 8 hanks of Koigu’s KPPPM yarn. This is a popular project here at Loop. The scarf is long and wide, and will keep you warm in winter. It’s all garter stitch, there’s no seams to sew, and you get to use lots of pretty Koigu colors. What’s not to like?!

The pattern is complimentary when you purchase the yarn. If you’re ordering online, please request the pattern in the notes section.

Your scarf is beautiful, Shirley! Thanks for sharing it!

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eyelet cardigan

Claudia commented that she liked the Kite Kerchief, but wanted to know more about the cardigan underneath. It’s the Eyelet Cardigan pattern from Blue Sky Alpaca knit in their Dyed Cotton yarn.

Front of the Eyelet Cardigan

Back of the Eyelet Cardigan

Please note that there is a correction to the pattern.

The Eyelet Cardigan is a fun knit with its pretty, easy-to-remember repeat. It’s also a versatile garment; it can be worn over a tee when the air-conditioning is on high and worn with more layers in fall and winter.

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new Mac and Me patterns

We reach for Mac and Me scarf and blanket patterns again and again at Loop. They’re modern, comfortable designs that are as fun to knit as they are to wear. So we were thrilled when 5 new patterns arrived this week.

Three of the patterns use Blue Sky Alpaca’s Brushed Suri, a soft and fuzzy blend of baby suri alpaca, merino, and bamboo. Brushed Suri is unique among fuzzy yarns because it’s content is all natural and it is very light.

Lucy’s Fuzzy Sweater is a comfortable pullover for girls age 1 to 6.

The Brushed Alpaca Vest can be made cropped or full length for girls 6 months to 8 years old.

And for the adults, there’s the Alpaca Cowl Neck pullover. Leave the sleeves off for a shell or knit the long belled sleeves for use in colder weather.

Two of the new patterns use Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton. We love this yarn for babies because the colors are that of the natural cotton, it’s soft and cuddly, it’s machine washable, and it’s organic. But we also can’t resist the Dyed Cotton for it’s fantastic colors. They are the same fiber content and gauge, and can be used interchangeably.

For the Lattice Baby Blanket, the yarn is doubled for extra softness.

Molly’s Blanket combines garter stitch and yarn-overs to create a new classic you’ll knit for all your friends.

If you love Mac and Me patterns like we do, you’ll have a hard time knowing which to knit first. If you’re new to them, then just grab the first one that appeals to you and jump in. They’re great fun!