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Spinning with Jillian Moreno

Join us January 20, 21 & 22, 2017 for a weekend of spinning with Jillian Moreno! We’ll kick off the weekend with a book signing and spinning circle on Friday evening. Then join us Saturday for a full day class based on Jillian’s new book, Yarnitecture, and on Sunday for two half-day classes. Read on for details!

Jillian’s been spinning – and knitting, crocheting, weaving, and being generally crafty – for many years. She is the editor of Knittyspin and Ad Manager and Catalyst of Knitty Magazine. She’s a regular contributor to Ply Magazine, and currently sits on the editorial board. Jillian teaches spinning across the country – and now, right here in Philadelphia!


Yarnitecture Book Signing & Spinning Circle

FREE! – Friday, January 20 from 5-7:30pm

See the designs from Jillian’s latest book, Yarnitecture, in person. We’ll have copies here for sale, which Jillian will be happy to sign for you. Bring your wheel and join us for a little spinning time together!

Yarnitecture : Building Exactly the Yarn You Want

$185, includes fiber for class – Saturday, January 21 from 10am-5pm (includes a 1-hour lunch break)
Click here to register!

Is the yarn in your head the yarn in your hand? Do you always spin the same yarn? Do you have a dream yarn you just can’t make happen? Are you unhappy with what happens to the colors when you spin a variegated top or roving? Do you love your handspun yarn, but don’t like how it looks knitted?

In this class, we’ll focus on making yarn that inspires you from commercially dyed roving and top — yarn you’ll love to knit with. Together we’ll build your yarn from fiber braid up to a knitted swatch.

We’ll start by talking about the blueprint for a yarn, the yarn vision. We’ll break yarn down into all of its parts. We’ll build your yarn’s foundations by exploring fiber breeds and preparations. The walls – they’re the different drafting and plying methods we’ll work with. Finally, the roof goes on as we manipulate variegated top and roving to get the colors you’ve chosen just the way you want them.

All along the way you’ll get tips to keeping your yarn’s end use or yarn vision in mind and your yarn consistent. This class will give you confidence to build the yarns you want to knit with!

Twist and Ply: The Difference Ply and Twist Direction Make to Your Knitting

$90, includes fiber for class Sunday, January 22 from 10am-1pm
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Have you ever knit with your handspun and something just wasn’t right? Maybe your cables were floppy or your lace wasn’t open enough? The answer may lie in your chosen ply. The answer may also lie in the direction of twist and your style of knitting, or a combination of both.

In this class, we’ll spin and knit while exploring the effect ply and have on knitted fabric.

Together we’ll answer these questions:

• What makes cables pop?

• How to ply for open lace

• What about singles for knitting?

• What is chain plying good for?

• Why use more than 2 plies?

• Does the way I knit add more twist to my knitting or do I lose twist?

• How do I compensate for twist loss or gain in yarn?

We’ll also discuss the effects fiber breeds and blends, preparation, and woolen and worsted drafting can have on plying.

Cheaper by the Dozen: Twelve Ways to Spin Variegated Top

$90, includes fiber for class – Sunday, January 22 from 2-5pm
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How many ways are there to spin a variegated top?

You are only limited by how fast you can spin. This class will take you through at least a dozen ways to work with variegated top. In this fast paced class we’ll explore spinning variegated tops to combine and blend colors for stark contrast or beautiful subtlety.

You’ll spin yarns and knit samples that will show the effects of changing the color flow on variegated fibers. You’ll learn ways to keep your yarn colors exactly the same as your fiber braid. You’ll learn the whys and how-tos of combining multiple variegated tops.

In this class we’ll explore:

• Mixing colors with plying

• Blending colors through drafting at the wheel

• Mixing 2 or more braids

• The easiest way to choose multiple braids to mix for a hat or for a sweater.

• How yarn size, fiber prep and your drafting style affects variegated yarns.

This class will give you a better idea of how braid in hand looks after it’s spun and knit After you spin in this class you’ll never look at your stash the same way again.

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Spinning Circle – November 5

Join us for our first ever Spinning Circle! This Saturday, November 5 from 2-4pm.

Bring your wheel or your drop spindle and come spin the afternoon away.

This isn’t a class, just a time to gather with other spinners; however, if you’re curious about spinning, feel free to drop in and chat with us about it.

Please RSVP if you can, but you’re welcome to drop in too!

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Spinning Demo – Saturday, March 19

Schacht Drop Spindles

Join us Saturday, March 19 from 11am to 1pm for a spinning demonstration. See how you can use drop spindles and spinning wheels to make your own yarn! Try it yourself and if you want to learn more, sign up for our new spinning class (details coming soon).

Schacht Ladybug

If you’re already a spinner, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve begun stocking fiber – we have Malabrigo Nube and Louet Coopworth and Dyed Corriedale – and would appreciate knowing what you like to spin, what your favorite tools are, and what classes you’d like to see offered.

Hope to see you!