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Stranded Knitting with Mary Jane Mucklestone

Knitwear designer and teacher Mary Jane Mucklestone will be here on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 1 and 2, 2016 to teach 3 stranded knitting classes. Read the descriptions below and sign up today to reserve your space!

Stopover Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Mary Jane Mucklestone is a hand knitting designer who loves to knit, especially with color. She’s the author of 2 new books featuring stranded colorwork; the stitch dictionary 150 Scandinavian Motifs: The Knitter’s Directory, and Fair Isle Style a contemporary take on colorwork featuring 20 projects from 18 popular designers. Her first book 200 Fair Isle Motifs: A Knitter’s Directory was an instant classic and has been translated into many languages.

Muckle Mitts

Mary Jane travels the world studying traditional knitting techniques and learning about the history of the craft. She’s a popular teacher specializing in lively, fun and informative classes. She’s taught all over the world – we’re thrilled to finally have her here at Loop!

$150 – Tuesday, November 1 from 10am to 5pm (includes 1-hour lunch break)

Let Mary Jane introduce you to the world of stranded colorwork, often called Fair Isle knitting. In this technique class, you’ll learn the basics, covering several methods of holding your yarns, how to introduce new colors, what yarn dominance is, how to avoid tangled yarns, weaving in those pesky ends and finishing techniques.

This class is for absolute stranded knitting beginners and those looking to brush up on their technique. We will begin knitting a stranded colorwork headband or hat.

Skills covered: left handed, right-handed and combination style stranding.

Prerequisites/Experience: Knowledge of knitting and purling and how stitches are mounted on the needle; knitting in the round.

Supplies to bring: 2 or more colors of worsted weight yarn – make sure the colors have high contrast, 50-100 yards each. 16-inch circular needles in US 6 (4mm) and US7 (4.5mm), one set of dpn in US 7 if making a hat. Your usual ditty bag of knitting notions, including stitch markers, tape measure, scissors and tapestry needle. Paper and pencil for notes.

Homework: On smaller needle cast on 84 stitches. Join for working in the round, taking care not to twist stitches. K1, p1 rib for 1 inch.

Note: Class fees are non-refundable unless the event is canceled. Please make sure that you are available on that date and time.

$75 – Wednesday, November 2 from 10am to 1pm

Explore what makes Scandinavian colorwork different from other world traditions by examining color choices and classic motifs used in stranded knitting. You’ll learn techniques for tacking down extra long floats found in many motifs, the Norwegian purl, and a way of executing garter stitch in the round. Explore ideas for combining motifs and adding colorwork to liven up your future projects.

Technique Requirements: Two Color Knitting class or some experience with color work

Prerequisites/Experience: Knitters should be comfortable with knitting in the round on circular and double pointed needles, some colorwork experience essential.

Supplies to Bring: Two or more colors of DK weight yarn, 100% wool preferred. Needles, 16-inch circular, the smallest size recommended on the ball band, and another one or two sizes larger. You won’t finish your hat in class, but to do so you’ll need a set of dpns in your larger sized needle.

Homework: With smallest needle, Cast on 84 stitches and knit one row.

Note: Class fees are non-refundable unless the event is canceled. Please make sure that you are available on that date and time.

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$75 – Wednesday, November 2 from 2 to 5pm

Begin designing with Fair Isle motifs by starting with a hat. In this design class a you’ll be given a basic hat pattern with multiple options for you to pick and choose to make it your very own.

Experiment with color! Go wild and even invent your own pattern motifs – MJ will show you how! Lots of individual attention with group participation encouraged.

Prerequisites/Experience: This design class is for intermediate knitters. You’ll need to know how to knit/purl; cast on/bind off; several methods of increasing/decreasing; working stranded colorwork in the round; chart reading; and have knit several stranded color work accessories.

Supplies to bring: 3-8 colors of worsted weight yarn, 100 – 150 yards each of two high contrast colors and 20-50 yards of additional colors, 16-inch circular needles in US6 and US7, one set US7 dpns or your preferred needles for working small diameter pieces in the round; tapestry needle, stitch markers, calculator, graph paper and a pencil for taking notes. Colored pencils if desired.

Homework: Choose which size you’d like to work on. Our target gauge is 20 stitches per 4 inches, but we’re really making a sample shaped like a hat, and the size your resulting hat is bound to fit someone you know, or you can donate it to a worthy charity. For our class, fit is less important than what we are learning. Sizes: S (M, L) = 16 (19, 22) inches.

On smaller circular needle, with color of your choice, cast on 72 (88, 104) stitches, join for working in the round taking care not to twist. Work K1,P1 rib for one round. If you know you would like a ribbed brim continue for as long as you would like your ribbing to be, at least an inch. Other options would be different rib patterns, corrugated ribbing, moss stitch etc.

Note: Class fees are non-refundable unless the event is canceled. Please make sure that you are available on that date and time.

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Baines Cowl

Baines Cowl

Baines is a new cowl pattern that uses our Studio Plus yarn. It’s made in the round with alternating sections of garter stitch and an easy lace pattern.

Baines Cowl, close up

Studio Plus is a 3-ply yarn, so it’s squishy and bouncy, and it gives Baines that same feel. At 60 inches around and 7.75 inches tall, you can really wrap yourself up in Baines when it’s cold, which, thankfully, it will be again soon!

Baines Cowl, open

To knit Baines you’ll need 2 skeins of Studio Plus (ours is shown in Sketchbook) and a 40-inch US 9 circular needle.

The pattern is free when you purchase 2 skeins of Studio Plus. You can also purchase it individually by clicking here.

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Liverpool Yarn Trunk Show

Liverpool Yarns

Join us Saturday, October 1 from 12-3pm for a visit with Liverpool Yarns!

Liverpool is a Philadelphia company owned by Erika Flory and Colleen Puckett. Working with other women-owned businesses, they produce wool yarn from local Shetland sheep that’s spun in Pennsylvania, and original designs created especially with these unique yarns in mind.


Shetland sheep come in a wide range of colors. Liverpool doesn’t dye the fleece, so the different colors are naturally occurring and vary from year to year, making them even more special.

Erika and Colleen will bring us a selection of their beautiful yarn and all of their garments for you to see and try on in person. Please come join us!

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Meet Arne & Carlos!


Norwegian knitting sensations Arne & Carlos will be here on Wednesday, September 21, 2016!

From 2-5pm, learn stranded knitting in the round in their Norwegian Wrist Warmer class (follow the link to sign up!).

Then join us from 5:30-7pm to meet and chat with Arne & Carlos! There’s no need to RSVP – just come on in!

Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are designers and textile artists, best known for their craft books and their colorful designs. They are inspired by Scandinavia’s long design history and their life in rural Norway.

Arne & Carlos have published several best-selling books including 55 Christmas Balls to Knit by Arne & Carlos, Norwegian Knits with a Twist with Arne & Carlos, and Knitted Dolls by Arne & Carlos. We’ll have a selection of books available for purchase; Arne & Carlos are happy to sign them for you!

Please join us in welcoming Arne & Carlos to Loop!

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Take a Class with Kate Atherley!

Kate Atherley

We’re very excited to welcome Kate Atherley to Loop for the first time! Kate’s an author, designer, technical editor, and teacher who lives in Ontario, Canada. She’s the author of several books including Beyond Knit and Purl and Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet.

Kate is Knitty‘s Lead Technical Editor and does freelance technical editing. She’s an experienced teacher, offering classes in her local shops and across the US and Canada.

Kate’s teaching 5 classes that’ll get your fall knitting off on the right foot; just click on the name below to register!

Stranded Colorwork for Beginners
$60 – Saturday, September 10 from 9:30-11:30am

Short Row Skills
$60 – Saturday, September 10 from 12:30-2:30pm

Expert Tips & Best Methods
$60 – Saturday, September 10 from 3-5pm

Brioche Knitting
$90 – Sunday, September 11 from 9am-12pm

Designing Your Own Custom Fit Socks
$90 – Sunday, September 11 from 1-4pm

PLEASE NOTE: The fees for Kate’s classes are non-refundable unless the event is canceled. Please make sure that you are available on that date and time.

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New Brooklyn Tweed: Shelter Marls!


Brooklyn Tweed yarns are carefully considered and thoughtfully executed. Whenever they add something new, it’s always exciting. This fall, Shelter has an addition to it’s palette: marls! Three lovely neutrals, narwhal, newsprint and caribou, are now available to add more texture to your Brooklyn Tweed knits.


When we got our advance shipment, the newsprint colorway won my heart in an instant! I cast on for a new Georgetown sweater that night, and I am now working my way through the back. The marl adds depth and interest to this simple stockinette cardigan. It will be perfect for layering on top of tees, tunics and dresses all winter long.


Since one is never enough enough, especially when it comes to Shelter sweaters, I have a few ideas for the narwhal & caribou colors too! At left is Michele Wang’s Bedford, a pullover that would be so cozy in narwahl that you would wear it everyday. In the center is Fort by Jared Flood, a handsome sweater that I would love to see in the caribou color on my fella. On the right is Julie Hoover’s Hudson, which let’s face it would look amazing in any colorway. It looks like I may be headed for an all-marl fall!